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Related article: Date: Mon, 15 Nov 1999 13:32:24 EST From: Subject: adventures of tray and jay 29"Adventures of Tray and Jay 29"PART 29: RUGGERS RULE!Man, I'm hear to tell you, Dylan packs a wallop, and we've been together more than a year now so you'd think I'd be used to it. Something in that sweet little guy exterior just loses it, I guess, whenever he gets his knees up under my legs, like the other night on the playing field at the high school where we were out walking and messing around, whatever, just getting by ourselves to talk about our anniversary. Yeah! Our one-year anniversary! What a damn year.Well, anyway, we were out there in the middle of the field in the dark, pushing and shoving and copping some wood like damn near any two horny fag teenage Ruggers will, when Dylan shoved harder and knocked me on my firm little butt. It's still firm, and it's still little, but don't make the mistake of thinking it's soft, got it? My ass is hard as rock, and Dylan knows it. So I see this gleam in his eyes, even in the dark, just before he pounces on me and pins my wrists to the wet grass by my ears, which I'm the first guy to admit I love when he does it. I didn't want to get away, hell, no, even if I struggled my ass off til I was blue in the face! God, I totally love being taken!And that's when I felt my legs thrust out by my hips and our hairy, strong, athletic thighs rubbing because even though it's chilly out, damp Fall air and all, we've got our muddy workout shorts and jockstraps and tank tops on. And that's when Dylan lost it and grunted wicked in my face and fucking bit my lip! Yeah, my lower lip, he just took my mouth with his and bit me! And he jammed his huge, red-hot thing between my spread cheeks and just let me feel it throb, and man, it was almost like our shorts weren't there, you know, that's how good I felt it and his wild flare of animal heat.But then the fudge packer had both our shorts down to our knees somehow anyway, and his bare 10.5" (he grew, uh-huh!) screamed up to my riled but totally prone and unprepared young butthole, not to mention dry as hell, and he forced his giant, round, dripping head through my tiny queer ring so totally fast and unexpected that I really screamed in agony. Okay, I'm on my crazy back on the high school field with my legs up in the air and a big hot stud almost raping me, and if I could have thrown him off me I would have but he's way too big for that, and then Dylan starts to smooching on me for real.I mean, Dylan's mouth is so hot, okay? Hot and wet and nasty and everything a teenage boy of my persuasion needs from his man's mouth. So I just moaned and whimpered and wrapped my arms around my dude's Lolita Tgp strong flexing back and felt all the pain go away, even if he was still ripping me a new one. Dylan's tongue tickled my tonsils and dripped his sweet spit inside me where it belonged. I felt his great big boner jarring my whole body with each desperate ram up into my boiling guts and the spray from his overactive mouth kept the same wild beat. I tasted him and felt my lover have his way with me right out in public where anyone could see.Right then, I saw this movement, not much but not the shadows from the trees, either, over by a utility box. It was hard to focus that far with my ass getting reamed like it was, but I made out two figures, guys, and some part of my happy, fuzzy teen brain worked on identifying their asses while Dylan ate my ear out and all I could hear was the wind sound from his wet tongue slurping in there, but I couldn't do it. I did see them drop to their knees and go to work jacking themselves while they huddled close to each other for warmth and stared across the dark field from under their baseball caps.Shit, it made me even hotter, and I grabbed my precum-flowing prick in one fist and tried to see their eyes as Dylan sped up and panted."I love you, Jay!" Dylan breathed, just for me in my ear, and then he shook all over and spazzed off and went rock hard everywhere, every muscle in his hot body, and spewed his massive load up into me, and I blacked out or something, I mean the sudden overwhelming release as I exploded between us was too much and I was blinded by it, and when I stopped choking and could see again, the two guys were on their sides squirting off, too!I had to laugh, and Dylan didn't get it, he never saw them. The boys, whoever they were, got up fast, and I saw their long white cocks hanging out in the open before they shook the cum off and shoved them away and disappeared into the night. They went to shoving each other and giggling nervously like high school boys will, and they were gone. Dylan was still buried in me, sweating all over and panting and loving me like he does, you know."Dylan, boy, I love you more than I can say." He just sniffed me, my smell he digs so much, and kissed my temple and licked my sweat off my forehead. I moved my soft cheeks over his sexy senior boy stubble and twitched again.We couldn't stay out there all night, right, so we stood up finally and pulled up our shorts and straps, and I was having trouble stuffing my rager away when Dylan wrapped his arms around me and slipped his talented hand down my rear and went to working his fuck finger into my slicked up hole, and damn if I wasn't his all over again! I mean, I just crumpled, and if he hadn't held onto me with his free, strong arm I'd have gone down. My lover finger-fucked my joyous ass and held me on my feet, and I breathed hard and closed my eyes and let him."Jay, I want in you again, man!" he breathed in my ear and tweaked my prostate. "I don't know what's wrong with me, dude, I just need to be in you bad!"So I turned around and dropped everything again and bent over and grabbed my damn ankles, right, and gasped as Dylan penetrated me to the hilt and went to work pounding my ass silly! Holy shit, it was awesome!"Yeah, baby, take my big dick, take it!" he went all throaty and wild and humped me like never before, I swear. I lost it without even fisting myself and felt my 9" bone shake and flap all over the place, and my own jiz sprayed me in the face! No shit! That's when Dylan stud stopped and pulled out abruptly."What the fuck?" we both said at once, and I looked up and saw headlights flashing on and off over by the gym. So we covered up again and walked that way slowly, and Dylan fingered me some more through the crack of my shorts, and I went tingly all over digging the coarse fabric going up my nasty butthole. I swear I'm so dirty sometimes! And Dylan's a sex maniac!We got closer, and those two same figures from earlier jumped out of a little pickup and ran to the locker room door, and one of them fumbled with keys and -- fuck! He opened the locker room! They looked back at us until we turned a little and followed, but they made sure we didn't see their faces yet."I don't know, dude," Dylan said softly to me, but neither of us stopped walking. In fact, we sped up. When we got to the door, one of the young figures, who were both smooth skinned but solidly built, ducked his head and stepped into the total darkness of the locker room, and I caught the door and looked at Dylan. He pushed past me and went first. The door closed behind us, and we were blind. I started groping for a light switch but couldn't find one!"We know you like dick," a boy whispered from somewhere."We saw what you did," his buddy went even softer, scared but excited. I know that sound, right."We aint queer...""...but we're sure horny!"Then they both laughed, real quiet and evil. Even in the dark I knew the feel of Dylan's force radiating as he stepped in front of me."You gonna show your faces or what?" Dylan challenged them. That's when the lights snapped on, and I squinted around my protective lover's powerful body -- and I recognized Andy and Les, both sophomores who just made the team. With the lights on, they were suddenly real scared and nowhere near as cocky as in the dark."You can't tell no one," said Les, the slightly bigger boy. He's 16 already, but Andy is still 15. Both of their khakis were tented out in the front, and neither of them had anything to be shy about."About what?" I asked. "You boys been messing around together?""Fuck no!" blushed Andy. "I told you we're just horny!"Dylan stepped toward Les, who cringed and moved backward, but Dylan slowly walked around him, never taking his hard eyes off the poor kid, taking in every detail. Dylan stopped finally behind Les and leaned close to the boy's neck, and the droopy-eyed discomfort on Les' face was classic! I went to Andy and grabbed his bulge outright, and he let out this choked little gasp that turned me on big time! I knew he was going to give me more than his hard cock in my mouth.But to help him relax, I dropped to my knees and got his pants and boxers down around his ankles before he could even react, and his funky-sweet, pissy-sweaty smelling 6" pecker stood straight up and blushed as red as his cute face! Andy's balls were pale Lolita Tgp and baby smooth and tight as hell in his nervous little sack, so I grabbed his bare hips and blew on those nuts and felt him shiver in my grips, and then I licked his beautiful virgin nads and heard the hottest explosion of pent-up adolescence ever! Andy just moaned for all he was worth and took my head in his hands like a champ and slammed his balls into my eager mouth.I saw Dylan getting Les completely naked and exploring the dazed dude's over ready teen body as he went, and Les' 7" cock was dripping all over the cement floor. When Les was buck naked and shaking in fear more than cold, Dylan bent over and swallowed his juicy boner whole."OH MY FUCKING GOD!" Les shouted, and it's a good thing we were alone! I saw Les' eyes open in horror and powerlessness, and then Dylan grinned and closed his eyes as Les' cherry sperm load squirted out into his hot mouth and throat. I watched my lover's throat go up and down and counted 12 bobs of his big Adam's apple, one for each blast of sweet virgin seed.I looked up at Andy, who was wide-eyed and open-mouthed in wonder at the sight Lolita Tgp of his buddy ejaculating in a guy's mouth, so I licked his clear juice off his shaft on my way up and then down onto his beautiful, unused penis, and I swear the only sound the boy made when I took him was this one sexy, grateful whimper, and I was able to move all the way up and down over his granite cock three times before I felt it start to jump and fire off volley after volley of precious sugar sweet sperm to the back of my throat. I ate Andy's stuff and squeezed his flexing butt cheeks and finally reached up his arching back and felt Lolita Tgp his fine mist of sweat, and still the boy shot off in me!I looked up at Andy's shiny wet red face, and he was smiling so ecstatically I glowed inside at a job well done! Then his cock jumped again and oozed thick, creamy boy stuff, so I lapped it up with my tongue, and Andy spazzed and held on to my shoulders. I noticed Dylan was pushing Les to his knees, and Les was too shocked to realize what was happening, but I stood and did the same to Andy, who went down as quietly as Les.It wasn't until Dylan and I got our manly woodies right up to their small, round mouths that they snapped and both tried to resist. Dylan just breached Les' horrified lips with one overwhelming thrust of his giant weapon that sent my lover's prick halfway down the stunned kid's throat, but I slapped mine first over Andy's startled, rosy mouth and cheeks, and when his mouth popped wide in disbelief I penetrated his suck hole and buried myself all the damn way to my pubes. I felt Adam choking on it and held on hard to his head."Breathe through your nose, boy!" I ordered him, and I saw his eyes turn up to mine, begging me, but he did it because he had to. Then he saw it worked, and his whole body relaxed, and he settled Lolita Tgp into a smooth rhythm and closed his eyes and took my 9" calmly. That's real good, because Lolita Tgp I was ready to fuck his virgin face a while. "That's it, Andy boy, suck my hot dick! Make a man cum in your mouth, dude! Yeah!"Les was doing almost as well with my lover, even if he had more to swallow! Only, Les was really into it! His face glowed with unexpected pleasure, and I sure knew how he felt. I love sucking Dylan's cock more than anything."Suck my lover's cock, Les!" Les opened his eyes, busted! "Go on, I wanna see you swallow his big manly load of spunk, kid! All of it!"Les' eyes flicked down to Andy's head servicing me, and they went wide, and suddenly the feel of Andy's slick throat eating my rock all the way and the look of thrill and shock on his best friend's cocksucking face sent me over big time. I just did it right then, my back curved and I held Andy's short soft hair and blasted off into him as Dylan went to pounding Les' face with his wild young dick monster, and that's how we both fed those boys their first salty loads of man juice.And they didn't complain at all! They took their first creamy wads like men and even gripped our butts to make sure we didn't get away!"Get up, both of you!" Dylan ordered them, and the boys did it fast, as fast as their shaking legs let them! They both had big old bones again! "Move over to those benches and straddle them." Poor little fuckers had no idea what was coming, it was so damn cute! "Okay, Les, lay on your back!" Les still didn't get it, but Andy did."No way, man!" Andy shook his head. "I'm not sucking his dick, no fucking way!"Les was comfortable on his back. Dylan pointed at Andy, and I shoved him hard."You, Andy, put your dick in Les' face and lean forward and suck his dick," Dylan said, and I thought Andy would cry. He knew he had no choice. Slowly he did it, and Les reached up and took his friend's ass cheeks firmly and swallowed all of Andy's prick, and I watched the expression on Andy's face go from humiliation to surprise to real pleasure, the kind of happiness you only get when your real buddy does it for you.Andy's eyes drooped, and he eased lower and lower until he took Les' stiffy in both hands and licked it first, then sucked the knob and surrendered totally and swallowed his buddy's meat. They were slurping and moaning and feeling each other's firm young bodies, and Dylan and I fell into our arms and started kissing. We dropped to our knees and felt each other up and played with each other and sucked tongue, and the sound of Andy choking was the first clue that Les was getting off again! We looked up in time to see Andy push his hips down all the way, planting his hard cock firmly into Les' throat, and then Andy's body tensed all over and he convulsed off as they took their loads simultaneously.Then something really beautiful happened. When their young bodies settled down, Les tugged at Andy's shoulders until his friend turned, and Les sat up and took Andy by the back of his head and pulled the boy's mouth to his, and I guess after sucking each other off a kiss wasn't such a big deal. They sat there facing each other and touching and kissing for a couple of minutes, until Dylan and I pulled them gently apart.I moved Andy so he was straddling the bench and bent over with his back to his buddy, and Dylan prodded Les' face easily up to Andy's spread butthole, and it was like Les was born to it. He just started eating. From the look on Andy's face, Les' hot wet mouth in his butt was the best thing he ever felt. And from Les' face and eager tongue action, Andy's sweet boy butt was the tastiest thing he ever took in his mouth. Dylan bent over and devoured Les' Lolita Tgp open ass, so I let Andy suck my dick some more!After a while, the boys showed no signs of tiring with the rim job/blow job chain, so Dylan and I broke it up and moved them around again, this time straddling the bench bent over facing each other with their mouths so close that they naturally fell into kissing again! I sat down and ate Andy, and Dylan did the same to Les, and then without any real warning we stood up and shoved our cocks up their innocent, untouched holes!They both stiffened and flared heat and screamed at the same time! But we kept on fucking, and those hot little boys whimpered and moaned in agony and squirmed a few minutes, but when the terror of it was over they relaxed and settled into it and realized it wasn't so bad. Even with Dylan's bigger dick, I saw that Les got the hang of it first. I had to spit in my hand and reach under Andy and jack his limp pecker back to full-hard before he sighed and felt the warm pleasure flow through his prostrate body.I looked at Dylan over their bodies as they started kissing again and touching each other's faces, and I really liked the feel of Andy's inexperienced butt clamping down on me and finally letting me into him without resistance while he kissed Les, who let himself be taken the same way by my beautiful lover. We were all joined that way, as one, the four of us, for about a half-hour, when I felt the rush of climax rising in me again. Andy broke their marathon kiss finally and looked back at me with a huge smile on his face."Oh, man, Jay, you're gonna blow in me, aren't you?""Uh-huh!""Oh, real cool, man, do it! Squirt, Jay!"And I did! He drove me over with his dirty talk, and I popped my sore nuts up his cherry fuck hole! Gush after gush of my cream went up Andy's guts, and Dylan went faster and really put it to Les, who almost cried again, only it was rapture that time, the joy of being one with not just one other man but three.So as my load reached its end and Dylan's began, both of the boys started jerking themselves furiously and wincing in concentration and finally frenching each other again right before their last totally rocking orgasms of the night. We dressed quietly and almost reluctantly walked back to the door where it all started and hugged all at once, tired but unbelievably satisfied.Les turned off the light, and in the dark again, Dylan asked, "Hey, where'd you get the key?"There was just that evil laughter again, and somebody grabbed my ass.
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